Our story

It is often said that in the course of our lives we go through three love stories.

Your first love is the one you thought you loved without really knowing what love was.

The second is the one that hurt the most, where you gave everything but learned from it.

The last one is the eternal and peaceful love, the one that includes everything you were looking for for years.

Each time you have relearned to love according to what life has taught you.

Do you know that it is possible that, like these three love stories, you will learn to love and accept yourself as you are, because you are unique?

The quest for self-acceptance is a long road full of pitfalls. If I told you that you could live three lives in one?

Would you not believe me?

What if I told you that I, Amina, founder of Soin Amana London, have lived it?

Let me tell you three stories...


My first life would be called disillusionment, the one where I thought I was happy. Society conditions us, like robots, to follow a set pattern: study, marriage, baby, commute, work and sleep.

As women, we are under enormous pressure to fit into boxes that sometimes feel too small. I'm sure you've felt it before.

I was like you, following the path I thought was right for me: I used to live in France, I ticked all the boxes of the societal definition of happiness: fiancée, graduated, employed as an engineer, car, money, lots of friends, well surrounded. I was doing my best to be the good wife, the good friend, the good colleague while those around me were probably not making any effort. I gave it my all, unconsciously I even started to deny my identity, who I was, where I came from in order to be the face that society expected. So much effort trying in vain to be perfect that finally, from one day to the next, I lost absolutely everything.

I began to mourn in the past and to sink, little by little, bitterly regretting my old life. I didn't know it yet, but this deep disillusionment was the best thing that happened to me.

Faced with this chain of events, a great questioning made me take a decision: I am leaving. I'm not leaving without a direction; I'm leaving to find out who I want to become. Before asking myself if others accept and welcome me, which was obviously not the case in France, I had to start by accepting myself and no longer seek approval in the eyes of others. This decision was the first step in my journey towards acceptance. I understood that as human beings we will never achieve perfection but that we can do everyday things to improve ourselves.


04 January 2019, London. 11am: I still see myself with two suitcases, my courage as my only luggage, just arrived in this foreign country I know nothing about, I finally deciding to take things in my own hands.

My big leap, the beginning of my second life: this is certainly the most creative facet of my existence where I had to relearn everything. In search of renewal, I left everything behind and started from scratch. Without speaking the local language, alone, without a job, without a place to live, with only a few savings, all I knew for sure at that moment was that I was going to become who I had always wanted to be. MYSELF. Amina, in all transparency.

It is in adversity that we obtain the elixir that gives us the strength to move forward. This challenge awakened abilities in me that I had previously ignored. 24 hours after my arrival, I managed to find a job to pay my rent. My passion for chemistry led me to join the formulation team of a research laboratory at Kings College London, one of the world's leading universities.

The wounds of the past were slowly closing and when I saw in the distance, all that I had achieved, I realised that I was not really aware of my value and how unique I was, like every other being on this earth.

So for nearly 8 months I continued this necessary but exhausting routine, combining work and passion without ever taking a break, sacrificing health and well-being. I had come to London to start my career as a scientist, but I was beginning to lose sight of my goals and was gradually falling back into a life of disillusionment and getting caught up in this infernal spiral. My body was begging me to stop, nothing made sense anymore.

I entered into a battle with myself again and made a radical decision: I stopped everything.

One of the only things I took away from my two previous lives was my passion for formulation and   chemistry. I had the opportunity to find out very quickly   what I liked to do and it was this deep love for the   science that gave me the strength to fight. I succeeded   in joining the pharmaceutical industry by wearing a   new hat as a pharmacy assistant. This was the   beginning of my third life, my revelation.

A few months later, the global health crisis made me open my eyes to the underbelly of the pharmaceutical industry and significantly impacted my passion for formulation. The practices of the giants of this world left me speechless and gradually pushed me into a corner. I realised that what had been at the centre of my life and my decisions was revealing a face I did not want to see. However, despite everything I knew, I still deeply loved what I was doing and the phrase "you have to love what makes you unique" kept running through my head.

I had long ago realised that I was my own enemy but also my own solution. One night I thought to myself that in order to know where to go I had to remember where I came from.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and saw myself as a child in Algeria, the country of my birth, with my family sharing delicious figs. That was all it took to reveal THE key to my new freedom. I had spent so much time accepting myself, understanding and learning that our bodies and minds are unique gifts to be cared for, and with Soin Amana London I decided to help those in search of their uniqueness.

Disappointed that the world considers us as numbers and sees us as just another way to get rich, I now wish to put authenticity and simplicity back at the heart of the cosmetic world.  With Soin Amana I invite you to discover and acknowledge the changes and needs of your body by accepting yourself as you are, a unique individual.

Nothing and no one will ever be perfect, so dare to finally reveal yourself to the world, be yourself, be unique with Soin Amana London.