Prickly pear seed oil

Firming, soothing and regenerating facial oil


Cold-pressed from organic prickly pear seeds.
100% pure, 100% natural, 100% organic.


Skin concerns

Dull skin
Wrinkles/fine lines
Hyper-pigmented/ Scars

Vitamins & Nutrients of the prickly pear seed oil

  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol) - Contains 150% more than Argan oil. Helps with slowing the aging process. Promotes cellular regeneration and amazing for fading dark marks and scars on the skin.

  • Vitamin K (Phylloquinone) - Stimulates cell growth. Preserves skin elasticity through protein activation. 

  • Vitamin A (Retinol) - Stimulates production of new skin cells. Without it, skin can become overly dry. 

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) - Encourages new collagen to grow. It also helps maintain the collagen you do have and protects the precious protein from damage.

  • Flavonoids - Prevents inflammation caused by free radical damage, enhance cellular regeneration, minimize UV damage and influence wound healing. 

  • Phytosterols: This binds water to the skin to help the skin retain moisture and reverse the signs of aging.

  • Polyphenols: Boosts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-carcinogen properties.

  • Essential fatty acids -The prickly pear oil contains the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids of any plant oil:
-Linoleic acid (Omega 6): Works to heal and repair by strengthening the skin’s barrier and allowing better moisture retention.  
- Oleic acid (Omega 9): Seals in all the moisture in order to optimize hydration.
- Palmitic Acid (Omega 7) found in our skin naturally but as we age, it begins to diminish over time.
- Stearic Acid: Softens the skin and rebuild the skin's barrier.

And much more: Copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, b-carotene…

What does this organic oil do?

Moisturizes and balances the skin.
Stimulates the growth of new cells. 
Helps restore skin elasticity.
Brightens up the skin.
Builds an abundant amount of collagen.
Regenerates skin.
Softens wrinkles.

How to use the Ambitieuse oil?

Apply a few drops morning and/or evening to cleansed skin, on face, neck without forgetting the décolleté.

More about it?

A powerful moisturiser, which absorbs easily and quickly into the skin, good for all skin types including sensitive and mature skin.
This oil won’t block pores.

How is the prickly pear oil produce?

It needs about 1 million seeds and 36 hours of work to extract one litre of prickly pear seed oil. This makes it one of the most expensive oils in the world. We use a cold-pressed process to preserve the integrity and  quality of the oil.

Origin: Morocco

How does the prickly pear seed oil look?

Appearance: Clear yellow
Odour: Characteristic

The complete ingredients list

INCI Name: Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil
100% pure oil, from organic farming.